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The goal of Orange County Worship Fellowship is to unite single Christian adults with an interest in the worship arts who attend the many small to medium sized churches located throughout Southern California to fellowship and minister together.  Church partnerships are critical to the success of this organization.  We support the local church and do not seek to remove people from its membership.  OCWF is an independent organization not affiliated with any one church.


We are seeking opportunities to lead worship once per month at different local evangelical churches and other outreach ministries.  Through this process, we hope to build support for our fellowship and grow the ministry.  In exchange for the opportunity to minister with your staff, we will bring some new faces and good worship music, choreography, and sketches into your fellowship.


What We Offer

We are a group of evangelical Christians who are excited with the prospect of meeting and ministering together.  Our repertoire is comprised of both energetic Christian contemporary music and slower more worshipful songs and hymns.  The focus of our ministry is to bring God-centered worship to our audiences.  Thus, we utilize song introductions from scripture and sketches to illustrate the meaning of specific songs. 


We are a growing ministry comprised of both average voices and experienced choir members.  Our team also includes several excellent lead vocalists and quality instrumentals.  Although we currently lack the polish of a professional organization, we are striving to elevate the quality of our product.


Worship Format

Our current goal is to gain experience as a team integrating into the Saturday evening or Sunday morning/evening worship services of smaller churches.  We will meet with your music director several weeks ahead of the scheduled appearance date to discuss service times, theme of service, song selection, timing requirements, etc.  The OCWF and church music directors will work together to present a service consistent with the normal format.  


Stage facilities will be required that can accommodate a 25 voice choir, lead singers, and instrumentalists.  We expect the size of the group to increase to 50-75 persons during 2003.


OCWF is not requesting financial support or an offering from our local church partners.



Thank you for taking the time to familiarize with OCWF.  It is our hope that this ministry will be of interest to you and of benefit to your congregation.  We appreciate your consideration to add our worship ministry into your church schedule.  A video and CD of the OCWF worship arts team is available upon request.


We are also interested in your ideas and feedback.  The support and guidance provided by our church partners is instrumental to the success of this fellowship.