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Member News - 11/10/2003


Hi All,


Thank you for the good work at Connections on Friday, November 7.  Our 11/7/03 songs included: 1) Glory to the Lamb, 2) One Day, 3) Everyday, 4) I Lift My Eyes Up, 5) God of Wonders, 6) More Love More Power - Guitar duet by Andres' and Kent , 7) Word of God Speak - Solo by Michael Dean, [Message Part 1], 8) Forever (The nails) - duet by Robin and Steve, [Message Part 2], 9) Love Song - duet by Steve and Pastor Skip, 10) Above All, [Announcements], and 11) I Will Overcome.


Our choir included Carla Goodemote, Dena Taylor, Janet Downey, Janice Kuiken, Marilyn Gonzalez, Robin Brooks, Beverly Schmidt, and Michael Dean.


Our instrumentalists included  Michael Syner on Drums, Eric Seidman on Bass, Gary Ferreri on Synth, Andres Carrasco and Kent Lindsay on Guitar, Robin Brooks on Flute, and Steve Stingley on Piano.


Katy Applegate ran the Powerpoint computer, Marty Heger setup the sound equipment, and Van Metschke ran the sound board.


This service was a stretch because we were relocated from the community center to the Mariners Tide high school room.  In the end, this change proved to be a blessing due to the intimacy of this smaller room.  We covered most of the church music bases - including choral group singing, a solo, both a male and female duet, and an instrumental guitar duet with Andres' and Kent.  Pastor Skip was very integrated into every aspect of this service which helped to achieve a wonderful flow.   This was very noticeable during the teaching part of the service by how well the two duets flowed into the message.


Kent started Everyday with a great guitar intro that sounded just as good as the Hillsong version of the song.  Janice Kuiken started us out well on God of wonders, and Andres played a great instrumental interlude that added good depth to the song.  Andres and Kent shared a powerful original arrangement of More Love More Power that started out on a worshipful note and then picked up enough energy to lift us all to the heavens.  Michael Dean personalized his solo well and then presented the song from his heart; many people were blessed.  On Forever, Robin Brooks sounded wonderful both on female vocals and on the flute solo...great job Robin.  Pastor Skip sounded great on Love Song - the song made famous by Third Day that compares the accomplishments of Jesus Christ to the empty promises of man.  During both of the duets, Eric Seidman backed us up with a great bass line.


Finally, a big thank you to Gary Ferreri on synth and Michael Syner on drums.  Your contribution to this worship team is well appreciated.


Connections will not be meeting in December, so our next date to lead worship in Connections is TBD (probably January, 2004).  I will advise you of the date when available.


On a social note, I want to extend my appreciation to Janice Kuiken for hosting a wonderful spaghetti dinner party at her home following our Sunday, November 2 rehearsal.  The evening included good food and a great time of sharing.  We ended the evening by singing a variety of songs around Janice's freshly tuned piano.  Janice invited a married couple with choral experience that she recently met in church to join our group.  Nelson and Beverly Schmidt joined us for dinner and will now be singing with us.  Thanks again Janice.


Our December event will be a gala dinner party with Christmas caroling at Marilyn Gonzalez's home in Fountain Valley.  Please reserve Saturday evening, December 6 on your calendars.  More to come.


Thank you for supporting this ministry.  I look forward to seeing you all at our December 6 Christmas party.


In Christ, Steve